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Mettler Toledo Weigh Modules

      The 3390 GAGEMOUNT is available in 20, 30, 50 and 100 ton capacities. The compact design allows for simple, economical conversion of tanks, hoppers and silos into weighing systems. The integrated check rod resists side forces generated by internal or external sources such as mixers, blenders, wind, etc. The optional anti-uplift protection device helps prevent the tank system from tipping. The GAGEMOUNT offers stability along with optimum weighing performance. The mounting hardware is available in nickel plated mild steel or electropolished stainless steel, making it suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries. The standard model 0782 stainless steel hermetic load cell can be used in legal-for-trade and hazardous area applications. Both the 3390 GAGEMOUNT and 0782 load cell can be used in many applications worldwide, simplifying the support of global business and service-part stocking. METTLER TOLEDO’s global presence guarantees quick response times and fast availability of spare parts. Our global service network provides competent support to you.
0978 Tension Weigh Modules

            Tension weigh modules are for applications that require a tank, hopper, or other structure to be suspended. They are durable enough to stand up to demanding industrial environments. A bonding strap protects the load cell from electrical damage.
SWB505 MultiMount

            The SWB505 MultiMount is designed for reliable weighing in a variety of applications, including tank weighing and dynamic loading on conveyors, mixers and blenders. Even in environments with heavy vibration, high torque or in-motion weighing, these weigh modules are stable and accurate. It also offers a standard lift-off screw that absorbs tipping forces while a vertical down stop provides an added layer of safety. Its rocker-style load pin restores the top plate to its ideal position to maintain accurate, repeatable weight.

            SWC515 PINMOUNT weigh modules weigh modules can be used both for static weighing and dynamic applications such as mixers and conveyors. A 360° horizontal bumper and the rocker-pin load cell’s self-restoring feature ensure easiest installation and best accuracy. At any time the stabilizer option can be added in dynamic applications. Thus mixers and conveyors can be stabilized in a safe manner. The PINMOUNT weigh modules are available in zinc plated steel and stainless steel for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

           SWD440 weigh modules offer excellent value for general-purpose weighing of tanks, hoppers, and OEM machinery. They use dual-ended-beam load cells to deliver accurate and repeatable weighing. The rugged self-checking design is suitable for static loading in applications where thermal expansion and contraction occurs. Mounting hardware is available in painted carbon steel and stainless steel to stand up to a variety of environments.
VLM2 Value Line

            VLM2 Value Line weigh modules offer good value for general-purpose weighing of OEM machinery, conveyors, and tanks or hoppers with flexible inlets and outlets. These weigh modules are suitable for applications with minimal horizontal shear or thermally induced movement. Available in capacities of 250 to 2,500 lb.
VLM3 Value Line

            NEW STAINLESS STEEL OPTION - VLM3 Value Line weigh modules offer good value for general-purpose weighing of OEM machinery, tanks, and hoppers. Each weigh module incorporates a dual-ended-beam load cell. The rugged self-checking design of these weigh modules allows for thermal expansion and contraction of vessels due to outside temperatures or internal vessel reactions. Available in capacities of 1,000 to 75,000 lb.