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     The AW4600 uses the unique super-stretching technology of the AW-3600AT that established the international standard. DIGI further ensures this feature by improving the film transportation mechanism. The AW4600  accomplishes greater savings of film while speeding up the process. In addition to the incredible wrapping capability, the AW4600 has a variety of label presentation options to meet various regulations or other information desired by the produce conscious consumers.


AW-4600AT combines high speed and dynamic film stretching for a superior backroom operation.

- Advanced super-stretch system.
- 10.4 inch touch screen display.
- Superior wrapping performance at max. 36 packs per minute.
- Wide (80mm) thermal head for printing.
- Network capability.
- Trace-ability information programmable.


The FX-3600XL streamlines your wrapping operation to be more flexible and versatile while retaining its compact design.

- Wraps semi-rigid products without a tray.
- LCD with light sensor touch screen display.
- Wraps soft products with a tray.
- All operations are from te front of the machine for easy operation.
- Integrated scale labeller handles a full range of needs.
Scale Management
Take a look at our array of price computing and portion control scales. A versatile, high quality, inexpensive line of digital scales that will satisfy all of your weighing requirements.

Retail Scale Management Software (RSM)

- The RSM software offers a method of creating product settings (PLUs), ingredients and texts along with a scheduler to perform updates automatically at a later date.


- PLUM Store easily connects to third party in-store item management aplications to creates a simple source for PLU administration and price management.
- Integration with most SM type, 3600, and 4600 series.
- Industry standard Ethernet.
- Industry standard access database.
- Single location for all retail series product series product settings.
- Full remote control of server with use of VNC etc.
- Schedule product changes automatically.
- Easily connects to third party in-store item management applications.
- Schedule price changes from one place.
- Schedule promotions for certain items.