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Instrumentation and Accessories
8624 Remote Display
            The 8624 Remote Display can be used with indicators that have a METTLER TOLEDO continuous serial output.
A100 Analog Output Module
            The A100 analog output module provides an economical way to convert a scale terminals serial output to a 4-20mA process signal. This signal is then typically communicated to a remote analog input on a PLC or other process control equipment.
ADI Scoreboard Family
            The ADI scoreboard is a highly visible weight display for use with vehicle scales, floor scales, and other industrial weighing applications. It allows the weight to be seen by truck drivers and other personnel who are not near the scale indicator. Weights displayed by the three sizes of scoreboards are easy to read at distances up to 75, 150, and 250 feet. The scoreboard’s lightemitting diodes (LED) display up to six characters, plus designators for weight units (lb/kg/T/t) and gross/net weighing. The scoreboard is compatible with METTLER TOLEDO digital indicators that use serial data output, as well as many other indicators. It features automatic baud-rate detection to simplify setup.
            The ARM100 digital input/output module interfaces with METTLER TOLEDO terminals to control additional discrete I/O. The ARM100 supports 4 inputs and 6 outputs.
IND110 Load Cell Signal Converter
            The IND110 load cell signal converter provides an economical way to connect an analog strain guage scale or weigh modules to process control equipment. The IND110 generates a 4-20mA process signal that is typically communicated to a remote analog input on a PLC or other process control equipment.
            With the RAAD™ Box, conventional strain gauge load cell systems can be transformed into advanced sensor networks.
            The IND221 transactional terminal meets the market need for a simple basic weighing terminal, and exceed expectations by also including simple checkweighing, classifying or counting applications. The large LED display is easy to read, the serial port configurable for data collection, and the battery operation creates a sure-fit for our industrial customers.
            For Simple weighing or for specific basic level applications the IND246 terminal provides best-in-class flexibility, supporting 5 applications in total. The terminal includes a large backlit indoor/outdoor graphic LCD display with an operator-friendly alpha –numeric keypad.
            The IND560 represents the newest METTLER TOLEDO technologies and is the most versatile weighing terminal available today. Choose from conventional strain gauge (analog) or high precision electromagnetic force restoration weighing (IDNet) technologies. Specify direct PLC (RIO, Profibus, DeviceNet, Analog Output) or PC (Ethernet, Serial) communication interfaces, or internal or external digital I/O control. Combine these selections with the option of IP65 rated panel or IP69k heavy-washdown desk/wall/column-mounting, and the IND560 is the perfect match for most any weighing application in many industries.
            The IND780 is a terminal whose flexibility of configuration and fast multi-task processing makes it the perfect match for a wide range of specific applications. It features connectivity for multiple sensor technologies, networking, PLCs, and much more, and it also provides a platform for solutions that can be customized using the terminal’s basic functionality, optional applications, or the TaskExpert™ programming tool.
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