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High Precision Scales
HB43-S Halogen Moisture Analyzers
                The HB43-S Halogen Moisture Analyzer combines outstanding halogen heating technology with strong analytical power in a compact format. Samples are heated uniformly for quick and highly reproducible results. Large keys and the clear display allow easy and intuitive operation. The HB43-S offers two drying methods for enhanced productivity. Switch between the methods at the click of one button. Each method name is written in full text for error-free operation. The innovative method library of the HB43-S provides ready-to-use methods for more than 100 substances, making method development quick and simple. The compact and robust design makes the HB43-S ideal for routine use, both in lab and in production environments.
MJ33 Infrared Moisture Analyzer
                The MJ33 offers rugged design, basic functionality and simple operation for daily routine inspection. It is particularly well suited for use on the factory floor, e.g. during goods-in inspection. Metal heating elements and simple operation ensure error-free measurement of samples. The basic functionality of the MJ33 makes routine work simple. Fixed endpoint determination omits the need for programming the switch-off criterion. The MJ33 reliably verifies whether the moisture content meets the specifications. Sample by sample, day in, day out.
NewClassic ML Balances
                Precise results, easy operation and portability in a compact design: Basic balances from the NewClassic ML line offer METTLER TOLEDO quality and the best performance for your budget. METTLER TOLEDO implemented the proven and reliable MonoBloc weighing technology in portable balances - for precise results wherever you need them.
NewClassic MS Balances
                With precise results, easy cleaning and a design made to last, NewClassic MS balances help you deal with many business challenges, from boosting productivity, achieving high quality to serving heightened customer demands.
XP Series
                The XP series of top loading balances replaces PR series of Professional Level balances. This model series features a detachable, touch screen, color display that allows a more direct interaction between user and the scale applications. In those cases where a display is not needed, the base may be connected directly to a PC or PLC. Several types of data interfaces are available, which extends the scale's connectivity to a wider variety of interface possibilities. Various levels of security are available allowing the user to personalize the functionality of the scale. The IP54 in - use protection rating extends the range of use to a variety of industrial environments previously not available in a high resolution, top loading scale.