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Mettler Toledo Floor Scales
            The PTA U-shaped design speeds up weighing operations. There are no ramps or pits to slow up loading and unloading. Each scale is completely customizable in order to meet a variety of weighing needs. Many accessories are available to tailor to unique applications. Leg wideners extend the weighing platform outwards to accommodate different sized pallets, while the Structural Load Plate drops onto the platform to transform a PTA pallet scale into a full-sized floor scale. Scale Guards protect the scale from collision damage. Rail Kits prevent workers from dropping pallets off of the scale. Wheel Kits are available for the PTA464 and PTA469, and with the standard Integrated Lift Handles, the scales become easily portable.
            The PUA574 floor scale combines robust construction and an exceptionally low profile. It is durable enough to provide accurate, reliable weighing while standing up to constant use in industrial environments. Integral side and end guards protect the load cells from accidental side-impact damage caused by forklifts and other equipment.
VLC Cycle Duty
            VLC floor scales are portable, low-profile scales for industrial environments. We offer carbon steel models for shipping/receiving operations and stainless steel models for washdown applications and corrosive environments. As an option, VLC floor scales can be supplied with a HAWK or PANTHER terminal precalibrated at the factory.