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 MSI Crane Scales
           When introduced in 1980, the MSI-4260 "Port-A-Weigh" promptly established the original industry standard for an accurate, reliable and safe solution for overhead crane weighing and material handling. After decades of production, added technology advancements and thousands of worldwide installations, Port-A-Weigh continues to set the standard by which all other crane scales are measured.Simple and user friendly, the Port-A-Weigh crane scale family provides amazing versatility combined with an unrivaled standard feature set:

         The Measurement Systems International Porta-Weigh Plus 4300 Crane Scale represents a new level of technology and performance in the scale industry. A 16 bit microcontroller coupled with an alphanumeric display gives unprecedented versatility and programmability from a crane scale. Advanced power saving circuitry provides in excess of 2000 hours of operating time from ordinary “D” cell alkaline batteries. The large, backlit alphanumeric display provides precise, unambiguous indication of operating modes such as Net and Gross. Digital calibration simplifies crane scale maintenance. The single circuit board, fully shockmounted and marine-proof construction makes for a rugged and reliable overhead scale.
         The MSI-6260CS Trans-Weigh RF Digital Crane Scale provides CellScale wireless network solutions for overhead weighing applications. Combined with CellScale accessory products, the MSI-6260CS establishes an advanced data-gathering network suitable for process control, safety monitoring and weight related data collection.

            CellScale technology enables single or multiple crane scales to be controlled and monitored safely from remote locations. Wireless, real-time, data transmission of weight and product information can be networked to CellScale family indicators and modems from distances up to 1000 ft (300m) outdoors. The operating range increases when long-range antennas are used on networked components. Both fixed and handheld digital indicators are available as well as modems for wireless connection to computers and scoreboards.
         The rugged design of the MSI 9300 Porta-Weigh Plus RF Digital Crane Scale provides an indicator and wireless data system for overhead weighing applications. The MSI 9300 combines the CellScale technology and architecture to provide both local and remote display capabilities, offering an advanced data-gathering network.
        The MSI-9300HT Porta-Weigh Plus, Hi-Torque RF Digital Crane Scale provides an ideal solution for overhead weighing applications where powered rotation of the lifted material is required. The Hi-Torque load train of the MSI-9300HT features a new load cell design that withstands the induced torque associated with power assisted rotating loads. With options available for both top and bottom attachments, the MSI-9300HT can easily integrate with new or existing powered rotators to provide safe material handling and increased operational efficiency.

            Like the standard MSI-9300, the new Hi-Torque version merges CellScale technology with MSI's superior crane scale architecture to provide an advanced wireless data-gathering network suitable for process control, safety monitoring and weight related data collection. RF transmission of real time weight and product information can be networked and communicated to CellScale family indicators and modems.The MSI-9300HT is available in four standard capacities up to 35 tons. A host of standard features and options are available, including anti-heat shielding for high temperature applications, direct AC or DC power input, audible alarm and an RF remote controller.
Introducing MSI-3460
            The All-New Generation Challenger 3 Crane Scale

            MSI is proud to introduce our new generation Challenger 3 series crane scale. The MSI-3460 incorporates the latest instrumentation technology through our newly developed “ScaleCore” measurement module. The ScaleCore combines a 24bit A/D Converter coupled with a highly efficient Microcontroller providing Challenger 3 with all the industry leading weighing functions of previous Challenger designs plus much more.

            The enhanced Challenger 3 electronics package features a larger ultra-bright LED digital display with 1.5-inch (38 mm) high digits. Through improved processing power and lower energy consumption continuous product operating time is extended to over 100 plus hours with a single 6-volt rechargeable battery. An inclusive rapid charge universal (115/230 VAC) battery charger minimizes battery-charging time in less than 3 hours.
         Measurement Systems International (MSI) is pleased to announce a new addition to its Wireless Network Solutions with the introduction of wireless RF remote electronic scoreboard displays. An accessory of the CellScale and wireless weighing systems, MSI Scoreboards provide remote indication of weight information. Units come from the factory with an internal built-in CellModem for wireless communication with any CellScale network component; including the MSI-9000 CellScale and MSI Crane Scales.

            The wireless RF remote electronic displays feature high intensity red or green LED's that are designed to last 100,000 hours and offer a wide viewing angle that can be read in direct sunlight. The rugged NEMA 4 case and internal lightning protection circuitry ensure years of reliable operation in demanding applications. A swivel mounting bracket is included that provides flexible installation virtually anywhere.