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Mettler Toledo Bench & Counting Scales
ICS425 / ICS435
                The new ICS425 and ICS435 compact scales and terminals offer you seamless integration into your production process as your scale can be individually configured for fast and precise operations–exactly according to your needs. The scales feature different applications used in the manufacturing industries including simple and average weighing. The ICS435 has a numeric keyboard for easy data entry.
ICS4_9 / ICS6_9
                The new METTLER TOLEDO ICS Series solution portfolio of weighing platforms and terminals for manual checkweighing, portioning, and classifying improves upon our legendary ColorWeight technology in combination with best-in-class hygienic design. New PBA226/PBA426/PBA429 platforms offer similar mechanical understructures but allow the choice of potted aluminum, potted stainless steel, or hermetic sealed stainless steel load cells. Improved graphic display replaces older 7-segment displays providing clearer and easier viewing in your choice of three display modes – default, 3 line auxiliary information, or “big weight” display. New Weights & Measures sealing eliminates the need for today’s data labels. Double-gasketed terminals, re-designed hygienic column, pressure testable columns and terminals, re-designed connector plugs, automatic interface detection, 1-button “info” key, battery charging meter, flexible data interfacing and more all combine to provide a superior yet competitive food oriented washdown scale. For a premium solution to customers concerned with safe food processing and traceability, select ICS models offer new software functionality including User Management, Routine Testing, Calibration Log Recording, and Alibi Memory.
                The assortment of bench and stand scales of the K-line includes weighing ranges from 3 to 600 kg with a verifiable resolution of 15000 e / 32000 e. The weighing platform sizes vary from 200x200 mm to 600x800 mm. The hybrid construction - electromagnetic force compensation cell and lever arm system - guarantee optimum linearity with the slightest corner load tolerances. Individual models are available in both stainless steel and painted versions and are suitable for use in wet or dry areas. All models can be used in hazardous areas of zone 2 / 22.
PS60 Parcel Scale
                The PS60 Parcel Scale is a member of the PS Scale Family. With it's 150 pound (60kg) capacity and rugged design, it is an ideal choice for today’'s parcel shipper. It connects easily to a PC and is compatible with all Shipping Manifest Software applications. Now with USB connection! The PS60 is NTEP certified so it can be legally used in commercial applications. The National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) imposes rigorous standards that ensure the high accuracy and reliability of the scales that bear their mark. Our patented GEOCAL calibration feature eliminates the costly need to have the scale site-calibrated. Competitive offerings require certified technicians to calibrate their scale on-site. GEOCAL ensures accurate calibration without hiring an expensive technician. The PS60 also features an easy-to-read, large LCD display with viewing angle adjustment.
ICS445 / ICS465 / ICS685
                The new compact counting line: ICS425 – ICS435 – ICS445 – ICS465 and ICS685 offers you seamless integration into your production process as your scale can be individually configured for fast and precise operations–exactly according to your needs. The compact units feature different applications used in the manufacturing industries: Simple weighing, Counting, Totalizing, Checkweighing, Portioning, Filling, and much more.
ICS241 General Counting Scale
               ICS241 is a new counting and simple weighing scale with applications for various industrial environments, e.g. production, warehouse and logistics, packaging and quality control. It offers an easy-to-use human-machine interface, thanks to intuitive LCD display and alphanumeric keypad, for easy and fast operation.